Have fun and work up a sweat while moving to the music and beating the drums! TaikoFit cardio drumming classes are all about having a good time while you exercise. Instructors from Great Lakes Taiko Center will guide you through dynamic routines with upbeat music and varying intensity options of movement and rhythm. No previous experience required.



TaikoFit takes cardio drumming to the next level with added excitement and power of the booming taiko drums and a more intense workout from using sturdy bachi sticks.




+ How fit do I need to be to participate in TaikoFit classes?

We have a wide range of fitness levels in the class, and modified, low-impact alternatives are offered for some moves. Ultimately, you know your health best. If you have any concerns, it is best to consult with your family physician.

+ Do I need any musical background or percussion skills?

No. TaikoFit is primarily a fitness class where we use music, drums and sticks to enhance the fitness program. If you can clap your hands along with the music on the radio, you will have no problem keeping up in TaikoFit class. Even if you can’t clap along, you’ll still be fine!

+ Does the TaikoFit class participate in the annual recital/concert?

TaikoFit class participants are given the opportunity to be a part of our annual recital/concert in June.