Great Lakes Taiko Center celebrates the thundering performance of Japanese Taiko drumming. We teach, perform, and keep fit while creating powerful music together. Taiko is a group activity and you’re welcome to join us in an inclusive and energized space.


Taiko Classes

Great Lakes Taiko Center offers taiko drumming classes for all ages and abilities. No musical experience is necessary to start enjoying this unique and fun art form from your first class. Fall 2019 classes are now in session. Contact us to learn about class openings!


Performance Groups

Are you looking for a one-of-a-kind performance for your event? From celebrations to school programs to festivals and full concerts, Great Lakes Taiko Center has two groups available for your performance needs. Give your guests the unforgettable experience of live taiko drums.


TaikoFit- Cardio Drumming Classes

“That looks like an amazing workout!” We hear that all the time, and they are correct. It IS a great workout. Taiko drumming has been shown to benefit the mind, body and the soul. TaikoFit classes focus on the benefits to the body. You’ll drum, you’ll sweat, and you’ll be sore the next day. But you’ll have fun.

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