Taiko drumming is performed by many groups worldwide and features the powerful sound of Japanese-style drums. Taiko rhythms and movements reflect roots in the musical traditions of ancient Japan while also expressing the creativity and diversity of today's taiko artists. We are happy to give you the opportunity to learn the art of Japanese taiko drumming here in Michigan!

All classes held in Fall to Spring sessions have the opportunity to participate in our annual recital/concert in June.


1| Summer classes

Summer taiko classes start June 15. Whether you are new to taiko or a current student, join us in our Taiko Skills and Drills class and build a solid foundation in the skills and rhythms needed for your taiko journey.

8 Classes
Offered Monday evenings

For current students, re-visit one of our “standards” at the Great Lakes Taiko Center, Mushi Okuri, in our Next Level Mushi Okuri class. Refresh your memory, take a deep dive, learn a new part and discover the subtle nuances to take this traditional festival piece to the next level.

8 Classes
Offered Tuesday evenings or Saturday mornings



A variety of taiko movement styles and rhythms are incorporated into fitness routines designed to increase your cardio fitness, build strength and core power, and develop better balance and flexibility. All fitness levels welcome, and no drumming experience is required, but prepare to challenge yourself in this physical taiko training experience! 

TAIKO HIIT - High Intensity Interval Taiko!
8 Classes
Offered Saturday mornings


2| Intro to Taiko

Age 16+ • Beginner
Experience the joy of playing taiko with us in these fun classes. The INTRO TAIKO class introduces new players to the basic form, movement, and rhythms of taiko drumming, and our CONTINUING TAIKO class reinforces fundamentals and continues to develop concepts through creative play and musical exploration.

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Adult & Teen • Beginner & Intermediate
Learn the song “Matsuri” (festival)– an especially popular piece among North American taiko drumming groups. New concepts and techniques of naname (slant-style), odaiko and shime daiko playing will be introduced and practiced. We will also work on solo composition and improvisational playing to showcase in our annual recital in June.





Adult & Teen • Intermediate
Continue your taiko drumming "Dream" with this fun and festive piece. You will continue to refine and reinforce basic concepts of proper form, stance, basic rhythms and playing techniques as we prepare this piece for performance at our annual June recital. There will be opportunities to focus on shime daiko or odaiko playing as well as nagado. At least one year of previous taiko drumming classes recommended.





Adult & Teen • Advanced
"Tomoe" is a piece for the odaiko and shime daiko. Students in this class will focus on developing techniques needed for playing these two types of taiko drums as we prepare this piece for performance at our annual June recital. Recommended for advanced, self-directed students.





Adult & Teen • Advanced
Learn the song "Pounding Hooves" by Rick Shiomi, and continue to develop fundamental rhythms and techniques on various types of taiko drums. New concepts and techniques of naname (slant-style) playing and multi-drum playing along with various accompanying percussion instruments will be introduced and explored. We will also work on solo composition and improvisational playing to showcase in our annual recital in June.



Hula & Tahitian Dance

Open to new and continuing Hula students
Learn fundamental Hula dance elements as well as accompanying songs and rhythms in the context of various dance forms and musical instruments such as the ipu (a traditional gourd drum) or bamboo pu'ili sticks. We will also explore Hawaiian history, culture and language relevant to the Hula arts, including learning the meaning behind the mele (song or chant) of a dance. Tahitian dance will also be explored. Students are given the opportunity to be a part of our annual recital in June.
Instructors: Molly Eguchi & Angie Dewey.



+ Is there a minimum/maximum age to enroll in adult classes?

Students should be at least 16 years old to join the adult classes. There is no maximum age for adult classes.

+ Are there any start-up costs other than monthly tuition?

Students are required to purchase their own pair of “bachi” (drum sticks). Bachi are available for purchase at the Taiko Center (typically $10).

+ Do adult classes participate in the June recital/concert?

Aside from the Intro to Taiko classes, all classes are given the opportunity to perform in our June recital/concert.

+ Is participation in the June recital/concert mandatory?

Participation in the June recital/concert is optional, but participation is highly encouraged as it can be a beneficial and educational experience.